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«Golden Trick of Kobzov»— is the annual International Festival of Circus Arts, founded by Nicholai Kobzov in 2011. The four days of the festival, more than 30 000 spectators, 280 artists from 15 countries, 40 best circus acts. The festival has become an circus attraction of Ukraine. The organizers of the festival is the Ukrainian public organization «Circus Union of Kobzov», with the support of the European Circus Association (ECA)

The festival is held on the territory of the circus «Kobzov». Circus which is included in the book of records as the biggest circus of Ukraine. (310 tons of equipment, 90 trucks, 3 000 spectators at the same time, 20 000 square meters) The aim of the festival is to reveal new talented performers, as well as promotion of Ukraine in the world of circus arts. According to Nikolai Kobzov «Festival Golden trick of Kobzov» - is a unique event in the field of circus art for Ukraine. It is a place where new «Stars» born, which glorifies Ukraine around the world.

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